Global ICO Transparency Alliance

GITA is a global non-profit initiative formed out of the desire to address pressing issues and negative impressions generated by the way Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) are being conducted to date. GITA seeks to promote a self-regulatory framework and sustainable ecosystem, both in the pre-ICO and post-ICO phases, to drive transparency and accountability across the globe.

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Our Mission

GITA's purpose is to support companies that create new solutions through the benefits of blockchain technology. At GITA, we think there should be a level-playing field for fundraising to all global participants. We commit to set the standards for self-disclosure that will guide and govern responsible ICO projects.

GITA Mission Statement and Architecture

We strive to

  1. protect investors by providing access to information about crowdfunding campaigns on blockchain and their progress after the crowdsale,
  2. help blockchain and distributed ledger based businesses succeed in their valuation creation efforts,
  3. create an industry standard for self-disclosure, and
  4. become a forum for knowledge-sharing and industry improvement.

Transparency Platform and Industry Standard

GITA will provide an open source Transparency Platform for token issuers and investors, which is currently under development. Beta version is available for invited parties, and we invite new members to actively help to build and co-create the platform. Along with the Transparency Platform is the creation of a global industry standard for minimum self-disclosure for ICOs.

GITA Outline

Transparency Platform

At the core of GITA is its Transparency Platform, which bridges the information gap between investors and issuers by providing participants of the ICO ecosystem with a platform which consolidates information self-reported by issuers about their projects, their progress of ICO, finances, team and advisor changes, and other data points that could impact the risk profile of investing in an ICO project or token sale.

Self-Regulatory Organization

GITA, as a global decentralized network organization, will become an open forum for knowledge sharing and exchange with the major objective to self-regulate fundraising campaigns on blockchain.

Organizational Structure

Contrary to traditional hierarchical organizations, the organization structure of GITA is inspired by blockchain technology - it is decentralized and transparent with various stakeholders taking part in its co-creation and development. We invite governance institutions, industry associations, technology community, accelerators/incubators, crypto funds, crypto exchanges, non-government organizations and academia, from every corner of the world to get involved, share knowledge and lead the industry transformation.

Foundation Council

maintains platform, oversees high-level organization structure, guidelines and principles. The actual operations and promotion of GITA will be led by the Supernodes and Nodes.


will help to organize the operations of GITA. There will be four committees: Transparency Platform Development Committee, Treasury/GITA Finance Committee, Administrative Committee, and Supernodes Steering Committee.


act as community coordinators and organizers by creating their own community, namely the Nodes and members. Supernodes are encouraged to involve their Nodes and members in contributing to the availability of information on the Transparency Platform.


will act as GITA platform promoters and get entities that engage in any business and activities in relation to ICO on board the Transparency Platform. Nodes will work closely with Supernodes and actively participate in Supernode community life.

Foundation Council


Administrative Committee
Supernodes Steering Committee
Transparency Platform Development Committee
Treasury / GITA Finance Committee



Our Footprints

GITA Members are working hard to promote our vision and share our passion all around the world!

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